Mar 18

EReader Lending


Audio Book and eBook Equipment Lending

The library has two eBook readers (a Kindle Touch and a NOOK color)  to lend
for use with free downloadable eBooks.
The purpose of this lending program is for borrowers who cannot use the
other formats available for the titles they want (examples: visual or
physical issues, a vacation trip, or title unavailable to borrow in other
formats). It also allows us to provide an extra copy of a popular title.
Please contact us in advance if you wish to borrow one of these devices, to
check availability and to allow staff time to download and install the
titles of your choice. Borrowers must be over 18 to borrow these items,
though children’s titles are available and children are welcome to use the
devices under adult supervision.

computer lab

The library is a tech-friendly environment

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