Oct 26

New Scrooge and Marley DVDs

As a member of the Scrooge and Marley Cooperative, the library takes part in a DVD rotation program. Every two months a set of DVDs circulates between member libraries, enabling us all to grow our collections without spending money on new items. The library is happy to announce that the next set of DVDs has arrived and is available for loan! You can find them prominently displayed by the circulation desk.

The full set newly arrived!

The full set newly arrived!

The Scrooge and Marley Cooperative is a gathering of public librarians in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire dedicated to sharing of ideas and information for the improvement of library services. In addition to hosting the DVD co-op, the group meets five times a year to discuss current issues in library service and conduct co-op business. The name is an acronym and stands for Service Centers, Regional, Organized (to) Overcome Growing Expenses (and) Multiply Available Resources (for) Libraries (by) Enlarging (their) Yield. It also just sounds cool – like a library secret society!


Want to know more about Scrooge and Marley and its member libraries? Visit the co-op website!

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