Mar 21

Sant Bani School Project Period Display

An Icelandic Sweater on display

An Icelandic Sweater on display

Through Tuesday, April 1st, the library will be hosting a display of projects by Sant Bani School students for viewing. These were completed during the school’s Project Period, a two-week break that combines traditional February Vacation with an additional week for an independent educational experience. Each student is responsible for proposing, creating and presenting a project. Project Period encourages students to take risk and builds confidence to explore individual interests. The library is hosting a variety of projects from kindergarten through high school. Topics range from Ancient Egypt to family trees to cooking to screen printing. We have one project in our entryway to entice you, and the remainder are located upstairs in the big room. Come admire their great work!

If you can’t make it into the library, check out our gallery with photos of the display on Facebook!

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