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The library now has two e-readers available for lending. We have a Kindle and a Nook, and patrons may take them out for 14 days at a time.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to support adding books from your personal computer or NH Overdrive account  to the library Nook and Kindle. We do value your requests and will be adding books to them from time to time, so let us know what you would like to read. Alternatively, if you find a book on Overdrive that you would like and is available, we will be happy to load it onto the device for you as you check it out.

Please do not add or delete content from the Nook.

When you check out the Kindle, you may purchase and download  two ebooks, not to exceed a value of $12.
Do NOT return the e-reader in the book drop. Doing so will result in a revocation of lending privileges for the devices to the patron responsible.

Tips and Tricks

Function Nook Kindle
Turning the e-reader on and off Press and hold the power button on the top back of the Nook for about 2 seconds Press the button on the lower edge to turn on and again for off.
Waking it up Press the “n” key to wake it up is it has gone into screensaver mode. Press the power button briefly to wake the Kindle up if the screensaver is showing.
Home Keys To access the menu, press the “n” key at bottom center. To return to the home page, press the button at bottom center of the e-reader.
Status bar (very top of screen) Far left, shows the book icon to quickly navigate to the latest book you were reading. Also displays remaining battery and the time. Shows location (i.e. menu, title of book being read), battery status and time. Only displays while reading if screen is double-tapped at top center of screen.
Quick Nav Bar Tap “n” at bottom to display. Shows at bottom of screen with icons for destinations such as home, library, shop, search and settings. Shows at top of screen with a back button, shop button, search field and return to menu button. Double-tap at top center of screen to display if hidden.
Unlock Nook only. Wake up the Nook by pressing the “n” button at bottom of device, then drag the padlock icon to the side to unlock. Does not apply
Adding highlights, notes, or enlarging font. Tap once at center of screen to bring up menu for content, including font adjustment. Tap tiny ‘ribbon’ icon at top right of screen to bookmark Press and hold to highlight, add a note, or bookmark. Press two fingers to the screen and slide apart gradually, or pinch together, to increase or decrease font size.
Turning Pages Swipe your finger in one direction to turn a page, right to left to progress, opposite for going back a page. Or, tap on one side of the screen to turn a page. The nook also has buttons on the edges of the device that may be used to turn pages. Swipe your finger in one direction to turn a page, right to left to progress, opposite for going back a page. Or, tap on one side of the screen to turn a page.


Please feel free to ask library staff for further insight and don’t be afraid to press buttons and tap the screen. We want you to explore the devices and all they have to offer. As always, we value your insight, and that will help us develop even better responses.

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