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Looking for more than Overdrive offers?

Want free books for your ereaders?

We’ve got you covered!

First, you can find free ebooks for the kindle or nook by searching Amazon or Barnes & Nobles sites and selecting for price: low to high. Wow, you just found a lot of books, didn’t you?

This result can be overwhelming, but there are many ways to narrow it down. You can define your search for the specific genre you want. You can look at reviews. On Amazon, anything over a three star review might be worth a try. You can use the “look inside” feature to read an excerpt.

This can be a great way to find new and emerging authors. With so many outlets available to them, preciously unpublished authors are able to offer you, the reader, a free sample of their work. Sometimes this means that a poorly edited or conceived story makes it’s way onto your e-reader, but you got it for free, and you can always delete it. To avoid the worst of these, check reviews before you click to download.

Once you’ve chosen a book you want to try, a click and it’s uploaded to your e-reader. But what if you have an ebook from somewhere else you would like to side-load onto your reader? The good news is, it’s possible. The bad news is, it will take you more than one click.

To upload a file to your kindle, you can email it. Every kindle account has a unique email address, so if you email a .mobi or pdf file, it will upload to your device.

To upload a file to a nook, you must use Adobe Digital Editions to manage files. Download the .epub file to your computer, then open ADE and add the file to your nook library. Plug your nook into your computer with the USB cord, and the books will sync over to the nook.

For tablets, phones, and computers, reading ebooks can be managed with a variety of different formats and apps.

Many free sites also offer older books that are out of copyright. These dusty gems can be great reads, and interesting to a amateur historian, as well.

Check out these sites for free ebooks:


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