Support Us

There are many ways you can help the library keep providing invaluable services to your community.

  • Volunteer
  • Buy a book at the book sale
  • Donate books and media
  • Give money



Volunteers are always needed to do anything from assisting librarians with shelving, to reading books at storytime. To find out how you can help, contact the library at 286-8288 or

Book Sale

The ongoing book sale is located in two places, the hall as you enter the library, and the room where the old front door opens into. In both places you will find books, videos, audiobooks and other media. There is usually no set price; we use the honor principle to allow you to pay what you feel the items are worth.


Donations are always appreciated, with the materials entering our collection or the book sale at the librarian’s discretion. We do ask that donated materials be no more than ten years old and in good condition. For more information on donations, contact the library.

Give Money

From time to time gracious patrons help the library with monetary gifts. We deeply appreciate this, and for more information please contact the director.

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